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Pin Down Bladder Cancer | Help Bring Bladder Cancer Out!

In Memoriam: Maria Floyd & Marvin Traub


The proceeds raised from the Pin Down Bladder Cancer initiatives will go to support Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s (MSKCC) bladder cancer Translational Science Program.  The translational science studies focus on the development of early detection strategies to improve more timely diagnosis and a molecular characterization effort designed to identify the critical pathways driving the growth of bladder cancer cells.

The laboratories working on bladder cancer oncogenome studies (cutting edge, detailed molecular analysis of bladder cancer) are specifically looking for new targets for treatment.  MSKCC early work has already identified novel pathways driving bladder cancer cell growth. MSKCC is now pursuing the development of appropriate models to study these pathways and how targeted drugs can inhibit cancer growth.  The funds from this campaign will go directly into the hands of world class scientists that rapidly provide the advances needed for this disease.
Belt down bladder cancer
Help belt down bladder cancer by wearing your PDBC belt for the month of July. Purchase your belt here and ask your friends and family to sponsor you to wear the belt in the month of July. Take photos of yourself and your loved ones wearing the belt and send them to PDBC to add to our Gallery Page.


Once you have purchased a belt, set up your own fundraising page and begin raising money for this worthy cause. Make sure to share your progress with us on our Gallery page!


Marvin Traub Associates, in partnership with Beltology, is spearheading an initiative to raise awareness and funds for bladder cancer research. All proceeds raised are used to support the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Bladder Cancer Research Fund and Dr. Bernie Bochner’s research in the field.

Marvin Traub Associates and Beltology have created a custom belt to be worn during Bladder Cancer month in July..


– Bladder cancer is the fourth most common cancer in men and fifth overall with an estimated 500,000 people in the US alone currently affected
– Bladder cancer receives 10-20 times less funding than other most common tumor types
– There are 70,000 new cases nationally with 14,000 deaths
– The rate of recurrence is 50 to 75%
– 80% of cases occur in men
– It is the most expensive cancer to treat on a per patient basis

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  • Symptoms


    Most people with bladder cancer experience visible blood in the urine.  The bleeding is typically not associated with other complains such as pain.  The bleeding typically goes away for a period of time and then returns.  The lack of pain or other symptoms associated with the bleeding causes many to disregard the episode which leads to a delay in seeking medical care.   If blood clots begin to form, they may make it difficult to urinate.  Other times the bleeding may be microscopic only, detected only on a urine test performed by a lab.  Microscopic blood not related to a documented infection, trauma or other obvious cause should always undergo an evaluation to determine the cause.   Others symptoms that may be related to bladder include an unusual urge to urinate, increased frequency of voiding or pain with urinating.

    Much more rare at presentation are symptoms of advanced bladder cancer.  These include trouble urinating from tumor blocking the outflow of the bladder, pain in the flanks from blocked kidneys, or bone pain related to disease that has spread to a bone.

    If you have one or more of these symptoms, it does not mean that you have bladder cancer. However, it is important to see a doctor so that if you do have an illness it can be diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

  • Treatment


    If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, the team at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and other health care physicians are ready to help. MSKCC offers patients precise diagnostics, innovative treatments, and comprehensive support services – as well as access to new techniques and drugs, and clinical trials of the most-advanced treatment approaches. To learn more please visit http://www.mskcc.org/cancer-care/adult/bladder.
  • Research



Donate to PDBC

Marvin Traub Associates, in partnership with Beltology, is speading an initiative to raise awareness and funds for bladder cancer research. All proceeds raised are used to support the Memorial Sloari-Kettering Bladder Cancer Research Fund and Dr. Bernie Bochner’s research in the field.

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Bladder Cancer?


Date Donor Name Donation
2015-02-17Forbes Singer500
2015-02-17Lauren And Andres Santo Domingo500
2015-02-18Veronica Trenk50
2015-02-18Michael Boord250
2015-02-18Matt OBrien50
2015-02-19Christina Floyd Di Donna1000
2015-02-19Eleanor Ylvisaker200
2015-02-19Daniel Sullivan100
2015-02-19Keu Zafar300
2015-02-19Leonard Boord500
2015-02-21David Kalman200
2015-02-21Luisa Soto30
2015-02-21Steve Sadove500
2015-02-23Alexandra Robertson400
2015-02-23Alexandra Robertson300
2015-02-23Al And Mollie100
2015-02-23Rick Lapham100
2015-02-24Benton Moyer100
2015-02-24Marisa N Brown50
2015-02-24Freddy Sykes100
2015-02-24George Daguillard500
2015-02-24John Goodman1000
2015-02-24Oll Poll100
2015-02-24Andrew Heffernan500
2015-02-24Helaine Suval100
2015-02-26Alejandro Santo Domingo500
2015-02-26Stan Eichelbaum250
2015-02-26Rodney Edge100
2015-02-26Sasha And Chris Heinz100
2015-02-26RP Eddy250
2015-02-26Ben And Frannie Moyer250
2015-02-27Matthew S OBrien1
2015-02-27Matthew S OBrien1
2015-02-27Sarah Gallagher & Josh May50
2015-02-27Sarah Gallagher & Josh May50
2015-02-27Matthew S OBrien1
2015-02-27Matthew S OBrien1
2015-03-02Anthony Coppers (WCMG)150
2015-03-02Mattew S OBrein1
2015-03-02Mattew S OBrien1
2015-03-02Andrew Jennings100
2015-03-02Maria Luisa Boord100
2015-03-02Mortimer Singer50
2015-03-02Matt OBrien1
2015-03-02Diego Fernandez-Soto25
2015-03-02Ryan Eton25
2015-03-02Maeshal Abid50
2015-03-03Max Martinez10
2015-03-03Warren Van Heyst50
2015-03-03Antonia Weisman75
2015-03-03Matthew S OBrien1
2015-03-03Jesse Cole100
2015-03-03Emily Dwinnells25
2015-03-03Nicolas Poniatowski100
2015-03-03Amanda Slack50
2015-03-03Kevin Wilson100
2015-03-03Elizabeth McCue100
2015-03-03Nadia Moshtaghi50
2015-03-03William S. Lane100
2015-03-03Amy Stuart250
2015-03-03Deborah Fine100
2015-03-03Ashley Phipps250
2015-03-03Stephanie Coleman2500
2015-03-03Kenneth Himmel500
2015-03-03Stephanie Coleman2500
2015-03-03FFC Fit For Commerce/Bernardine Wu100
2015-03-03Ande Phipps500
2015-03-03Berkley & Kyle Knas50
2015-03-03Keith MILLER500
2015-03-04Anthony & Suzanne Truchard25
2015-03-04David Neverson50
2015-03-04Muhammad F Khan1
2015-03-04Mattew S OBrien1
2015-03-04Holly Andersen500
2015-03-04Matthew S Obrien1
2015-03-04Tracy Montagna50
2015-03-04Mattew OBrien1
2015-03-04Irene & John Danilovich1000
2015-03-05Matthew OBrien1
2015-03-05Matthew OBrien1
2015-03-05Muhammad F Khan1
2015-03-05Kazim Qazi2
2015-03-05Matthew OBrien2
2015-03-05Matthew OBrien2
2015-03-05Muhammad F Khan2
2015-03-05Matthew OBrien1
2015-03-05Matthew OBrien2
2015-03-05Amanda Trimboli100
2015-03-05McKenna Family100
2015-03-05The Martone\'s500
2015-03-05Paul Brindak50
2015-03-05Team Lindia100
2015-03-05Josph J. Havranek100
2015-03-05Conras Zimmermann50
2015-03-06Kristin Lang50
2015-03-06Ron And Maryellen1000
2015-03-06Judy Kim500
2015-03-06Janet Bodey25
2015-03-06Karen Vissicchio200
2015-03-06EDMOND SAFRA1000
2015-03-07Ursula Lenschow100
2015-03-07Renee, Annie And Andrés150
2015-03-12Victoria And Jeff Quake50
2015-03-16Diane Sjoholm150
2015-03-16Ernest Schieferstein150
2015-03-18Dennis Cerutti125
2015-03-30Enma Baldwin50

Pin Down Bladder Cancer
Supported Belt

The Cause: Beltology is proud to partner with Pin Down Bladder Cancer and Memorial Sloan Kettering. Proceeds from the purchase of this belt will directly support bladder cancer research and awareness. Known as ‘the cancer below the belt’, bladder cancer is the most underfunded of the 5 most prevalent cancers.

Sizing:  Buy our belts in your regular pants waist size. If you’re a 32 waist, order a 32 belt.

Strap: PDBC-colored purple, navy & yellow elastic rayon
Leather Trim: Full grain brown leather with self stitching
Buckle: Brushed nickel

Packaging: Delivered in a handsome reusable box & pouch to protect your belt for years to come

Shipping: US only. Shipping cost is $5, and free with the purchase of 2 or more belts. PDBC belts will arrive in a simple Beltology pouch.

Favor: Please take a minute to share the PDBC belt info on social media. Driving awareness is a big part of the battle against bladder cancer. Thanks!



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